So flat or concave? And why?

I like flat bearings, because it seems like the strings slide passed each other easier. Also i think they are prettier

Concave all day. Every single one of my yoyos has a concave (or at least a string-centering bearing) in it lest my Canvas; that puppy runs a standard 8 ball.

I like them because they add a bit of unresponsiveness and a little more predictability.

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Flat. Binds tend to be slippy on concave bearings. So I just stick with a 10 ball. Perfect for me.

Concave. They just spin a whole lot longer, and they’re more unresponsive.

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I’m curious to see whether anyone’s done an actual test to see if this is true. In my personal experiences, I haven’t noticed any difference in spin time.

But, in general, I like flat bearings. Concaves just bunch up my string when I don’t want them to, and don’t bind when I need them too.

And i’m too lazy to change the sili so I use flat bearings to compensate. :stuck_out_tongue:

Same. Gotta make my pads last as long as possible.

I only use flat bearings. If a yoyo I purchase comes with a concave or grooved bearing, I switch it out right away for a One Drop 10 ball bearing with a tiny dab of lube.

Something about the feel of a flat bearing keeps me using them. I can always tell immediately by feel if a throw has a concave bearing in it and I always wind up wishing I could swap the bearing.