Bearings and C-Rings

Hello all! I’ve not once been able to find/remove the c-ring on a closed bearing. For example, the bearing that came with my Shutter has no visible sign of a c-ring or any gap to get a pin into. If these are indeed forever closed bearings, how would one clean & lube them. To qualify; I have spent much time looking and examining the bearing and there is nothing in there at all to pop out. Any insight and knowledge would be appreciated!

Could you try to post a picture of the bearing as close up as possible so we can see?

You can see the opening for the c-clip circled here. the edges are both angled, you should be able to get in there with a pin or thumb tack.


Wow! Okay, I’ll try some more! Thank you very much!

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Personally I found taking a safety pin and slightly bending the tip is the best


It’s definitely a little frustrating to get the hang of at first, maybe a lot frustrating for some people. But once you do it a hundred times or so it’s no problem at all. :rofl:


This is a huge tip. Been wondering how I can get a sewing needle into my yoyo case without the whole little sewing kit because its what I use at home lol. This is a way better solution


It took me a couple bearings and now I can take it out easily

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One helpful tip that works for me is that I normally bend the metal frame (not the c-clip) into the bearing and that helps to give the c-clip space to come out much easier (pic 1). Trust me IT WORKS WELL !!! Just be careful not to push the metal frame way too deep and try to avoid making many dents into the frame around the bearing (pic 2) or you may never fix the bearing again :grimacing:. But Follow the first picture and you should be good to go and it’ll make the entire process much easier :grin:

Here’s some pics for reference:

(Pic 1)

(Pic 2)


Thank you for that!

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Just be careful if you’re bending the shield inwards. You could risk damaging the bearing cage or knocking one of the balls loose and that will pretty much mean a broken bearing. Not saying it won’t work, but it could cause more problems.