Bearingized Duncan Fire Wheel

I recently bought a couple of Duncan Wheels from Zan Navi (over and out!) :-P. One was an old Duncan Fire Wheel. I decided to bearingize it and one of the brand new ones. This one’s mine. The other one went to my son for his birthday. Here’s a couple of pics of the Fire Wheel. The thread inserts I got use a standard M4 axle, too!

I have one more, and am not sure if I’m going to do it with a SPYY size bearing, or as a large bearing. Hmm. We’ll see!


Quick question, are those metal? Or just the wheel part. Either way they look like they wieght atleast 60gs. Looks like Micky’s new yoyo!

It’s all plastic. The ‘wheel’ part is just chromed.