So I followed a tutorial and cleaned my bearing. I put it in a bottle full of paint thinner and it cleaned tiself. Then I put on liquid wrench lubricant on it. since thats the only one i have.

I just dropped a drop on the tip of a needle and put it in the bearing and spun it. But i feel that it is breaking when I play… It is very loud and still responsive.

(Waylon) #2

The lubricant you used is causing the responsiveness in your bearing.  You will need to clean it again though try doing it more like the video below.  You need a thinner lube and only just a drop of it.  If you don’t have any thin lube just go to your local music store and ask for trumpet valve oil.  Shouldn’t cost more than $3.  It looks like water and the consistency is not much thicker than water.  Also, what yoyo are you using?


This should be in a different section.

Just play with it and it should go away.


I followed that exact same video. and Im using a Lyn Fury


just put different lube in it