Bearing won't go in Cypher


I’m trying to put my crucial bearing in, but the entire thing just wont go in…
ITs mostly in, put theres a little gap in between the bearing seat and the bearing which i cant push in all the way


Put the other half on and screw it together. It will go in.


Lol this worked…
Thanks!, Is it supposed to be difficult to twist it together thogh?


If you couldn’t get it together by pushing it in, you can expect resistance when screwing it together, too. :wink:

That bearing is probably in there pretty tight now.


It’s the yoyofactory death grip. They make their bearing seats super tight so some people end up having trouble with them from time to time but it helps make them smooth.


Will putting lube on the inner circle help?


There’s pretty much zero chance the lube will penetrate between the bearing and the seat in a meaningful way at this point.

If you manage to get it free, your best bet is to LIGHTLY sand evenly around the seat with some fine-grit sandpaper (600 or so should remove some material without being too aggressive). You still want it snug, though… don’t take too much material off!


Ok sounds good.
I was talking about maybe putting it there to make it easier to take out when you have to


Could it be that your bearing would be too tight too loose or perhaps too big?


Yeah… I can not get this bearing out of mine… And I’ve pulled a lot of bearings… Suck cause it came dead and it’s causing a ton of vibe…


Popped the bearing out of mine with a YYF tool in a couple seconds. No big deal.


Out of stock at yye…!


Try monkeyfingures!


The monkeyfinger bearing puller is no good, unfortunately. I really wanted to like that tool, too.

Didn’t the pack COME with the bearing tool??

In any event, a 1/4" drill bit will do the trick as long as you get the axle out of the way. There’s also one by C3 that I know is hiding in a bin at YYE but isn’t in their online stock. Hmmm…


Big fan of a 1/4" drill bit. Probably cheaper too. YYF tool doesn’t work well at all with an axle in there anyway.


I put it in the freezer… worked like a charm…


Do tight bearing seats really help make it smooth? My Werrd Hour bearing seat was very loose - so loose that the bearing easily falls out if unscrewed and tipped - it plays incredibly smooth…

(rizkiyoist) #18

Theoretically yes… but I prefer (potentially having) little vibe over annoyingly tight bearing, that’s for sure.


According to YYF, yes. But I have some incredibly smooth yoyos from HSPIN, SPYY, Difeyo and a number of others with loose bearing seats


I think, and I may be wrong, that having a tight bearing seat reduces vibe when manufacturing occurs on a large scale like with YYF. If they had a looser bearing seat there would be a higher chance that a bearing seat loose enough to cause vibe slips through. The other companies, on the other hand, have smaller batches and can do more individual quality control so they don’t need such tight bearing seats.

This is all speculation though :stuck_out_tongue: