bearing trouble

my bearing is making a loud noise and is totally responsive!!!
and I put yoyo jam lube on it but it still has problems!!!

The problem is the bearing has little balls inside of it, these balls have lube or debris in them and that causes the bearing to spin slower which means a responsive bearing. To remove the debris and/or lube just get a glass jar and some Mineral Spirits or Lighter Fluid, remove the shields on the sides of the bearing, plunk it into the jar, swirl it around for like 5 minutes, take it out spin, and blow it dry, if you want you can put the shields back on, or you can leave them off for easier cleaning next time.

NOTE: If you do decide to leave your bearing deshielded you MAY have to clean the bearing more often.

P.S. If you need help getting the shields off of the bearing just click on the search function and type “How to clean a bearing” and you should EASILY find an explanation maybe even a video.

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And after you clean it, give it a shot of light lube. Bearings work better that way.

And last longer too.