Bearing stuck... in bearing removal tool

Ironic, huh?

I’ve tried basically everything I can think of. Yanking it off with pliers, getting a 1/4" drill bit to pry from the other side, pushing it on a table to try to get it straight, pulling with rubber grips, and emailing YYF.

Ideas? Suggestions?

Use a vice opened far enough for the tool to fit loosely between the jaws with the bearing laying on top of the jaws. Take a punch and a hammer and knock it out (tapping lightly). With luck you won’t break the bearing.

I’ve had this happen a few times. The easiest solution is to just use another bearing tool (if you have one) or something equivalent like a drill bit on the other side of the bearing. If the bearing is pushed onto the tool too far and you can’t do this, then I would try the method jhb recommended.

Yeah, then you can get it stuck on the other multi-tool and go back and forth with them. :smiley: But, actually, this is a good idea, along with JHB’s

Yeah, I tried using a 1/4" drill bit on the other side and wiggling with no luck. I’ll be trying jhb’s method this weekend.