Please Help!!!

Please help, my CenterTrac bearing is stuck on my YYF multitool! I have tried all the things I can think of, but can’t get it off! At this point I don’t care If I have to destroy the bearing, but I would like to save the multitool if possible. Any ideas will be excepted. FYI: I have already tried pliers… A picture is included.

Freeze it.

This happens to me all the time. Best advice I can give you is to try applying a bit of light oil like 3 in One around the stuck area and just keep trying to pull it off. A pair of pliers would probably help, but you will probably destroy the bearing if you apply too much pressure.

Put it in the freezer for 10 minutes and then tie a string just above the bearing. Pull really hard and the bearing will shoot off.

I tried, freezing it, didn’t work. This thing is stuck BIG TIME… :grimacing:

Bearing stuck on multitool

Ok, so here’s my shot:

Take some pliers and grip the metal bar part of the multitool. Don’t grip it very hard because you want to allow the bar to slide easily enough. Take a screwdriver and put it into the hole of the bar (it doesn’t have to fit in; it’s just there so we can easily hammer in the direction we want). Take a hammer and hit the handle of the screwdriver until the tool comes free.

Make sure you have the pliers tight enough on the tool so that when the hammer is applied, the pliers will be putting pressure on the inner ring of the bearing, not the outer ring. I haven’t had trouble myself because of that, but I surmise that taking it out by the outer ring would be like ripping the bearing apart and could be damaging. That’s a guess; I’ve never seen it happen.

I think many times the problem is that the bearing get’s stuck at an angle on the tool, so push hard against a flat surface could get it back to normal; that sounds risky though, so I haven’t ever tried it.

Bearing stuck… in bearing removal tool