Bearing seat and response pad dimensions patented?

hey guys, i was just wondering if the specific dimension or designs of yoyo bearing seats and response pad areas are patented or not.

that is not something you can patent, you can and it is patent(ed) an improved method for seating the bearing such as side effects.

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Just to be clear though, we didn’t patent SideEffects.


Why did onedrop chose not to patent them?

Cause they’re awesome.

Well I’m curious, do they want other companies to use their system as well?

Other various companies already do.

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I must say that that I respect one drop a lot knowing that.

The name Side Effects is trademarked, though. So you can’t call your version Side Effects without permission. This is good, otherwise we would have to worry about cheap knock offs that don’t fit right.

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We supply pads to lots of companies for a lower price than they can make themselves.

Our bearing seat is pretty standardly used too but we make people measure it themselves.