Bearing removal.

I just had a heck of a time getting the bearing off of my Hectic. For my Legacy, I can use the hole in the bottom of some needle nosed pliers to wiggle it off, but with the Hectic, the bearing is too small for that method. I had to use the “not recommended” pliers to get it off, which still took forever. Not to mention they were rusted.

Now let me just say that I am border-line paranoid about taking care of my things. So naturally, the last thing I want to do is grip a steel bearing with a pair of steel pliers and start pulling and wiggling. It seems almost impossible that the bearing would not suffer some kind of damage that way. Does there exist a ‘bearing removal tool’ somewhere out there in the machine/industrial world?

Also, how can I tell if I damaged my bearing in any way while removing it?

I don’t think there are any special tools. Just use pliers. It probably will not harm your bearing, and if your bearing is damaged it will probably have scratches.

Well if you use a regular pair of pliers and put a grippy pad thing between it and the bearing it will be fine. As far as I know, there is no tool that just removes bearings.

If you damaged it, you would know. Probably the only way you would damage it is if it gets cracked or broken, which you will hear a sound for.