Bearing problem....

I have a 10ball that has become responsive/unplayable. The shields refuse to come off using the normal pin method (aka only method I am aware of). Any other magic I can use to get the shields off so I can clean it? If not, will cleaning it with the shields on do any harm?

It needs to be cleaned.

Why not look in the Stickys for info?

I find 10Balls some of the hardest bearings to get the shields off. I think I even asked a similar question on the OneDrop forum a few years back.

Try using a better pin, or an X-Acto knife. I searched around my house and found a pick tool (like what the dentist uses) that worked well.

Cleaning with the shields on certainly won’d do any harm, but it likely won’t clean as well. It’s definitely worth trying, and if the bearing plays well after that then all is good.

I find this is what helps me with stubborn shields:

Use a sharper pin or needle. That and a well lit working area. Be patient.

I’ve never had a problem removing a OD 10-Ball’s shields.

If the shields are such a problem, if you get them off, leave them off. If it was me, I’d put the back on after cleaning. It’s a personal choice.

I know you feel the need to reply in every single thread posted in every single subforum but you really don’t need to contaminate my thread with useless words. I know how to clean a bearing, no sticky helps with my issue.

I will try a sharper pin or an X-acto when I get home tonight…getting the shields off this bearing has been an ongoing issue/obsession with me but I had always given up rather quickly since the bearing was smooth. Now that it actually needs to be cleaned it’s driving me nuts even though I could easily just throw it away/not bother trying to clean it.

Sometimes it helps to get a magnifying glass so you can see very clearly what is happening. I find that I usually remove the clips by feel more than sight, so when it gets difficult the magnifying glass comes out.

Sometimes even though it’s easier to throw a bearing out, there can be a drive to defeat it! If you should decide to throw the bearing out, I’d suggest bashing it with a hammer a few times. You will feel better! :wink:

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I just went through this literally minutes ago. Couldn’t get those shields off for the life of me. Remembered the Xacto idea, but couldn’t find one. Looked for a sharper pin and couldn’t find one. I just stayed persistent and eventually got it, but I was shocked when each side finally came off. I’m never putting those shields back on.

Yeah it has definitely gotten personal. It’s either me or the bearing and I refuse to admit defeat lol. I’m not even sure I have a magnifying glass but if I can find one I will definitely give it a whirl.

Greg I know that satisfying feeling so well…I’ve had some troublesome ones in the past but they’ve always succumbed to my efforts after a couple minutes. This one is a fierce competitor.

I was bubbling with rage after each failed attempt. I almost threw it in the garbage.

I fought long and hard with the X-acto knife, almost stabbing the fingers I was keeping the bearing still with on more than 1 occasion. In the end the shields won the battle and I retreated to my bathroom defeated but not yet ready to surrender the war. As my last ditch effort I tossed the bearing into a small pool of mineral spirits along with a couple other bearings I wanted to clean anyway and after a quick blow dry with compressed air the bearing is playing smooth and quiet despite the shields!

I’ll go ahead and put this one in the “win” category…but I suspect my stubbornness will see me trying to get the shields off again one day anyway.

Send it to me. I’ll get those shields out and send it back!

But, on as similar note, but different:

All 6 of my YYJ Unleashed bearings had shields with no clips. I had to pull the shields out. I threw them away. I saved them for my 8 Aquarius for spares if I need them. I managed to get 6 shielded B-sized bearings with C-clips from the somewhat local RC store(and other hobbies). I like the new bearings better since they do a better job holding the lube since they have shields. The only negative was that these bearings were grease-packed so it took a bit of extra effort to remove all of that from the bearings. The guy warned me “these have a lot of grease in them” and I said “It’s OK, I’m gonna clean them out before I use them, so it’s all good”.

Back to removing C-clips and shields: I have found if I have a sharp needle or pin, bright light and a good work area, I can get the job done. Some are harder than others. I guess I’ve been lucky.