Bearing problem

i have a center trac in the my 2010 California. I’ve had it for 2 months and now it’s making a grinding kind of noise. I tried to break it in but it stays in the same condition. Do I need to lube it? All my other bearings do the same.
PS: I don’t lube my bearings

Well, since you don’t lube your bearings, you might try lubing them at least until they are fully broken in.

Another option might be cleaning them. Since they are all doing this, I kind if doubt something got in ALL your bearings.

Yet another option might be to keep playing and see if the noise does go away. I find it odd that ALL your bearings do the same thing, but perhaps that’s consistency for you.

I’d recommend that you use just a minimal amount of lube before deciding to clean the bearing.
Often times that’s all it takes. It will be a bit more responsive for a while but after a breaking in period, length determined by how much lube you use, your bearing will probably be much quieter.

If lube doesn’t work initially, then try cleaning the bearing.

I always try lubing the bearing first as I feel many people needlessly clean their bearings. Bearings that are never lubed do need replaced more frequently. Add to this humidity and dust that may be in your area and…well you get the idea.