why my center trac is responsive

i just recieved a yomega glide in the package and some accessories including a ccenter trac but when i thin lubed it my yoyo suddenly becomes semi responsive does it mean when u thin lube a bearing then u have to break it in

Yes, you may have to break in, even more if you put too much lube. :-\

Pretty much what nunyx said. I generally run my bearings dry unless they’re making an absolutely horrible racket.


Center tracs continually lock up on me even after cleanings. No other bearing does this, it is pretty dissapointing

i put in just only one drop

Good. For what I read, only a bit of lube on one of the balls. Check if the bearing is attached correctly, don’t tight the yoyo before make sure its well fixed. If that doesn’t work I don’t have more ideas. :-[

Although one drop isn’t much, it is typically suggested to use a needle or something to apply even less lube. Personally, I rather under lube my bearings than be worried about a break in time.

If I just want to get playing, I do the needle thing. If I’m in no rush and I’m keen on doing a couple dozen gyro flops, I prefer the full drop; that way I know everything’s good and lubed!

Also, a full drop, distribute it throughout (spinning on a chopstick/pen/whatever for a while), and then give it a blast with canned air or an air compressor. The excess gets sprayed out, so aim it at something you don’t mind getting oil on. :wink: Then break-in time is significantly reduced.

The Gyroscopic Flop will help break it in :).

it has been over 2 days and it still hasn’t broken in even with gyroscopic flop

you have to keep doing it or get clean the bearing again but this time use a pin drop of lube

the strange thing is when my center trac is responsive it still makes noise

It seems that you have something inside the bearing. Try to clean it, you have tuturials on the learn section. 8) Might just need a blow of air inside.

I used to have to break in my bearings for a week at times.