bearing noise?

(another stupid question) umm i cleaned my darkmagic bearing and i played with it with no grease for few minutes and it got really loud and so i stopped playing with it and took the yoyo apart and flicked the bearing and it barely spun what happened ???

First of all, it’s called lube here. Sorry, I just think it’s annoying to hear it called grease.

You might have something in the bearing. First, check the bearing seat. If nothing is there, clean the bearing. After, put ONE drop of lube in the bearing and it should be fine.

Or, do the simple thing and check the bearing seat. Then maybe add a drop of lube and play with it.

actually im not sure if it was him(i think it was) they put bike grease in the bearing

all this happened after i cleaned the bearing

Ok just check the bearing seat and put one single drop of lube in and play with it. The noise may or might not go away, either way it’ll be fine. (I guess other than that it could be that your bearing is basically dead in which case it can’t get much worse so you might as well play with it anyways.)

i dont think the bearing died be because when i put lube in it it acts fine

This is YoYoJam Thin Lube, right?

the bike grease that i always use FYI i know a guy who uses it

Its probably too thick. Make sure you use the smallest amount possible.


There is some Bike lube (not grease) that is actually really good.