Bearing Mod!

Yesterday, I started to hear a very loud rattling from the bearing on my C-13, so I decided to replace it with another. When I got my new ones, it was horribly slow :-. So I picked off the shields, and sprayed it with some car brake cleaner. It is Incredible! Its super fast and quiet. I love them! ;D

Thats not really a mod. All you did was clean the bearing. Main thing to remember with Brake clean is that stuff is VERY dangerous. Extremely flammable and will blind you if you get it in your eyes!

I suggest you get some mineral spirits or at least wear safety glasses when you use this stuff.

The thing is i left the shields off like the H2O.

Taking out the Shields doesn’t make it spin better. If it did, the bearing was defective.

It had to be the Lube you put in there.

I’ve played with shielded and deshielded bearings. And while there’s a difference, I can’t say that it’s performance changing and it doesn’t really improve anything. You can keep your bearings deshielded if you don’t want to go through the hassle when cleaning them, even though it takes less than a minute to deshield your bearings, and you might end up cleaning your bearings more often if you play them deshielded. So I can’t see it saving any time.

I play ONE bearing deshielded, which happens to be my plastic caged HSpin bearing that came without shields.

I actually deshield most of my bearings now as soon as I get em.