Bearing cleaning question

I cleaned two of my ct bearings and haven’t noticed an increased flick spin time or the bearings getting any quieter. Am I cleaning it wrong?
I’m using studio35 100%acetone nail polish remover,
And I’m putting it in a contact lens case when cleaining

Did u deshield the bearings? Did u let dry fully? Did u put lube in it?

In my experience cleaning a bearing will not make it run quieter, usually makes it louder. Lube makes it quiet.


Make sure the bearing is deshielded and then clean it in acetone and then put some lube in it

Spin time on a flick is also a very dubious measure of real spin time.

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Very True

Both sides were dishielded
I’m not really concerned about spin times , its just that I’ve heard many people saying their bearing spun and played way smoother after cleaning, but I barely feel any difference.
Should I clean it In a bugger container like a jar?

it will spin longer before lube, smoother? not imo, and bigger container wont change anything

A film canester works best in my opinion but if you dont have one around Find a contaner that is made of plastic thats sturdy enough

Because if the plastic is to flimsy the Acetone might crack it

I’ve always found that a bit of lube smoothes a bearing. A dry bearing runs very rough to me.

Generally acetone will melt most plastic containers. Mineral spirits or light fluid do not.

I’d agree with this, that’s what I was trying to say but I don’t think I was very clear.

Hmm I use acetone when I clean my bearings and it its not melting my film canister maby film canisters are made out of a different type of plastic

Certain types of plastic are unaffected by acetone. You’d have to look it up, but I think if the “recyclable material” symbol has a 5 or higher inside of it, acetone won’t damage it. I use contact lens case, or if I need/want something bigger, a medical container the same size as what they use to collect urine samples. :wink: (no, it’s not a used container!! Got it new!)

I didn’t feel a difference with acetone either. Lighter fluid, on the other hand, made my bearings smoother. At least that’s what it felt like

Oh Interesting