Bearing break in

So what actually happens when a bearing breaks in? Does anything different happen when you break a bearing in for the first time vs. after cleaning?

When you break a bearing in, it just means you’ve played it long enough that the oil breaks down enough for the yo to become more unresponsive. Also when you first get a yo, the response breaks in as well. New string breaks in as well. So when you get a new yoyo it’s a good idea to actually play it long enough for everything to break before telling everyone how awful or great it is.

After you clean and relube the bearing the break in period begins again. However, it may be a shorter or longer period of time, depending how much lube you used and how thick of lube you used.

ok that makes sense but what if you run a bearing dry? and when you first clean and its unresponsive what happens when it goes responsive in the brak in time before going unresponsive again

I think with running a bearing dry, all the parts “come together”, to to speak, in a process that can only occur with usage.

As far as how long the break-in takes after a broken in bearing is cleaned? It usually doesn’t take that long.

When bearings run dry they wear more quickly. In a yoyo they can last a very long time though. Bearings can get dirty regardless if they are ran dry or with lube. Dirty bearings don’t spin and become responsive. Humidity, dust levels, pets and many other factors can play a role. Dry bearings also can run the risk of rust especially in high humidity conditons. It doesn’t take much rust to make a bearing responsive. Yes, stainless steel bearings can and do rust.