Bearing acting... Odd

(WildCat23) #1

So this bearing is being weird. I could clean it and it would seem fine but then I play it for one minute and it gets loud and responsive. I then tried to blow the stuff out and it would blow the inner race in circles and every couple of seconds there wold be this kinda plop(?) as I think a piece of dirt went around the bearing. Is it trash or is there a way to fix it?



same problem


hmmm, is it a SPEC? I have had this problem and I put sewing machine oil in it after cleaning.


When in doubt, I like to put a little oil in a bearing, play it for a couple of days, and then clean it with paper.

(WildCat23) #5

I tried shields bearing mod and i have to re break in the bearing for some reason.


scrub it with a tooth brush and dish soap… ive never had a rusting problem and its worth it to get all the solid stuff out of it… blow all the water out of it and dont expect it to be unresponsive again until its dry…