Beard blues (or lack thereof)



(ChrisFrancz) #24

I grew out my beard almost 2 years ago and will never shave it off. That is Buddy. He showed up 4 years ago and stays outdoors in the home I made for home. No pets allowed. He’s neutered, gets his shots, is very healthy, well fed, and my best bud. Photo from a year ago.


That looks like a BIG cat? Give him some rubz on his back from me! :cat2:

(ChrisFrancz) #26

Everyone says he is big! I guess he IS. After I feed him in the evening he waits by my feet for me to pick him up and put him in my lap. I comb him and give him neck rubs for 15 minutes and he purrs up a storm then he gets his treats. I’ll honor your request!

(⛷ Noisy Lurker) #27

Once, just once, I thought I might grow a beard then I realized, the world deserves to be tortured. BAWHHHAA! :japanese_ogre: Being clean shaved is like my super power!

({John15}) #28

@G2_Jake just went full on dad-stache. He doesn’t look very sad about it though

(G2 Jake) #29

The only thing I’m sad about is shaving it

({John15}) #30

Wait, you didn’t keep it?


I had some kind of goatie ever since I was a teenager.

This image of me and my girl was taken at a Photo studio in seaport village, San Diego.

They obviously do ‘era’ images/their Business.

We were just walking by and the Photographer and his wife were looking for Business. He saw me and said, ‘I have the perfect idea for you!!!

Next thing I’m dressed like a card shark and my girl is the Saloon sweetie; haha. When he took the image and proofed it; he said it was like going back in time. He said my: stare, my ring and my goatie; sealed the deal.
He said I looked like an old fashioned card player.
And I told him that if he would have had a real bar behind me; it might have actually looked ‘real’ hahaha.

That was many years ago. About 20 years ago; one of my co-workers got into an argument with a guy from OSHA. He said if they really wanted us to be safe in the Bosyshop; we shouldn’t have beards or goats that interfere with making a good respirator seal on our faces.

The OSHA rep called Headquarters and they told EVERYBODY in the entire Department to SHAVE or be fired!

The Co-worker realized his safety bluff challenge had backfired and he retired. His legacy is that all of us that stayed have to shave each day or don’t clock in🙀

Sometimes what you want to do and what you have to do; are not quite the same🤔


C’mon Mo. That’s you as a youngster in your natural setting. You aren’t foolin me!

(Spinworthy Glen) #33

So I’ve grown it back (more or less).

A hairy me is a better me.


I have never grown a beard

(mgodzilla) #35

bein’ half asian…i’ve been growin’ the same beard for 30 years.


mostly sunny…