Bear Vs. Man

(Owen) #1

What did the Bear Vs. Man’s retail for? More specifically the “Robot Vs. Ninja Moose” colorway. Thanks!


$115 like all pre-Chief CLYW, excluding the Campfire which was $75. Special colourways might have been more, I can’t remember.

(Owen) #3

thanks. do you personally think the price of a mint bvm would have gone up/down/stayed the same?


Hmm, I’d say they’ve gone up to reflect current CLYW prices. You could probably get around $125, but I’m no expert on trading.


Extremely wrong

BVM’s were all over the place in price and the robot vs. ninja moose was the most expensive one at $150


Haha, I had protection.


You were wrong on the pre chief pricing

They were normally between $90 and $110


Oh. I never saw CLYW for under $115, or maybe I did, I can’t remember.

I’m going to stop posting in these threads.

(Owen) #9

holy moly im sitting on a gold mine… I’m gonna hold onto the BvM lol