Bcmaddog paint review

I recently got a kendama painted by bcmaddog and decided to leave a few words about the work.

First of all, it looks absolutely amazing. I will get pictures probably this weekend, but if you follow him on Instagram you saw how well he did. I could not be more happy looks wise. It is a black with white speckle, with a white fade spot (super cool).

Now the paint itself is not grippy though, it is slippery. This could be good or bad. In my case, I’m still starting out, so I guess a bit of tackiness would be nice, but I can always make it tacky myself :).

Now the paint is very durable. He does use many clear coats to ensure the paint stays, and it does. I have been beating this thing up for a bit and can’t even see the dents, much less any paint coming off the wood.

That my friends is basically it. Not too much info, I’m sure if I knew more about kendama I could say more :).

Pics to come.

Awesome! Glad to see a good word being spread about my friend bc. Any sort of positive feedback helps word circulate, so extensive details aren’t always necessary, so no worries by those means nardcopter


Thanks nard!

I need to find a way to add tackiness. Still working on that…