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i make strings only comes in 5 packs colors are red black green gold brown pink dark and light blue purple and teal can request colors 3.50 plus shipping

(123brandonman) #2

Can you post a pic? Thanks.

(BB) #3

pics or the colors


BBS BEST STRING are you saying that your string is the best???


whip yoyo string is the best

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lol i needed something to get people to try it


oh wow

(BB) #8

its realy great best ive ever used



(BB) #10

want to try costom lenght colors 2 tone 1 tone and even 4 tone



(BB) #12

cuse im useing it at worlds and all my friends from the yoyoin comunity love it


i will try one at the worlds

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OK if u know any one interested
i like crucial so ill probaly be by that table

(Justin the JeeJaw) #15

Guys… this is bst thread not discussion. Please, no discussion on BST thread.

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plz dont say your string is the best because you never know,its all about prefrences so tipically i think my string is the best most of my neibhors uncluding silver man like my string. i bet james,born to yoyo and you bb,all of your neibhors love your string and that is ok but silver man it was really rude to say that in someone elses thread >:( 8)

(BB) #19

at least try then give your opinion


Lol… your strings isn’t the best… my string isn’t the best… BB’s string isn’t the best… you’ve made your point.

(Jamesofyoyo) #21

Hey, quit messing with him. Everyone. He is entitled to his opinion. It is his opinion not fact. Aslong as he isn’t saying: (example) G-String sucks, my strings better, so get mine instead, I’m ok with him saying he thinks his string is best. And it is not cool to advertize different string on another string makers thread as SilverMan just did. I don’t go onto Metalman’s thread and say Sick String is the best, because that would be not cool. And Metalman, like I said he has his own opinion and he thinks his strings are the best. Let him think that instead of pushing him down. He is obviosly a new string maker and needs testers, and you are preventing that. Please don’t. And don’t say anything negetive about this string untill you tried it. Nuff said. If you wish to contiue this conversation please PM me instead of cluttering up this thread. And BB it wouldn’t be a bad idea to make a new thread and lock this one to get rid of the clutter. Hope your string making business goes well! :slight_smile:

~James Reed!