battle dacklink vs. jared vs. paolo!!

hey guys,
this is battle dacklink vs. jared vs. paolo! the rules were, one side style trick and one front style trick!
here are the videos

dacklinks video

jareds video

paolos video

vote!! :]

I’m going with Jared. His moves had a sweet flow and didn’t feel as forced as the rest of the combos.

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I voted for jared :slight_smile:
when I vote even when I’m in the battle I still vote for the people I think was good.
not just vote for myself

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i vote for dacklink he was smother with more complicated tricks

u should arrange the videos the same way u arrange the polls
it is confusing :o

i vote for dacklink :wink:

wow just relized that haha

Me is voting for jared!

Knew you were going to do that haha


I knew u were going to say that ha

I vote jared, he’s super smooth; and also has a ton of silly bands.

Dacklink hands down.

Sorry to be so straightforward, but dacklink left Jared and Paolo in the dust. My jaw dropped when I saw it. I’m like “WHAAAAAA?”

Good job to all of you though!

Paolo, your boingy’s weren’t smooth but your 2or0 hops were pretty awesome. Jared, the boingys were smooth but not very long or super complicated, but your sidestyle was dope. Eric, your frontstyle was flat out awesome, left everyone in the dust from your boingys, and your transition to sidestyle was smooth, I didn’t realize you did that haha. Your sidestyle was awesome too. I vote Eric.

well i was going to vote for dacklink when i saw he was asian, but then i saw paolos haircut and i fell in love with it for a little… so im gunna have to give the nod to jared

that doesn’t make sense ???


So you couldn’t choose between me or Dacklink so you chose Jared? lol

Well that made tons of sense… Not lol