Basic help with Yoyos

Alright so I recently learned and mastered the basic things keeping the yoyo in full effect.
Such as
-Bearing Cleaning
-Removing axles
-Polishing [Metals (Making it shinier) ].

I will soon be able to satine rims etc.
So I Decided to put this to use for people who have problems

PS : I use to be a beginner at theese things until I praticed on my broken yoyos and yeah.
Im not into that spiral satining or sili recess or any of that stuff
I just do the basic things

Pretty much you just send the yoyo to me that you dont have the proper supplies for
I will put new silicones on both sides
Clean the bearing and thin lube it / thick lube it
Remove stuck axles , etc.

All you have to do is include the money to ship it back and maybe a good 3-4 $ in paypal or cash
PS : If no one wants to do this well Im just gonna close this thread and move on

If somebody were to do this, they would like to see pictures of your work if nothing else.

How could I show pictures of me cleaning a bearing o-o
I could possibly do a shot of my silicone

easy take a pic of it or make a vid