Basement full of YOYOS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey guys, I am niven … I am sure not a lot of you know me here, but today I went to jerk Stohr’s house … he lives really close to me in Virginia, anyways … i took a couple of pics of his basement … its full of yoyos … classic ones to modern , i mean literally wall to wall … even on the ceiling lol. I asked him how many he thinks he has… he said “I stopped counting after 1500”… if you are ever in VA let me know :slight_smile:

… i also added a pic of Dark Magic that I have not seen … pretty rare … i think …

Let me know what you guys think :slight_smile:

thanks for looking.

I just noticed that … YYE forum blocked his name… his name is Dik Stohr , and here is the Dark Majic… i havent seen one like this

sorry , its hard to see … but its spotted with light blue… really cool looking :o

Whoa… :o
If I am not online its because I am moving into his basement.

lol haha yeah … and thats him in the picture… i bought a YOMEGA yoyo bag from him… which sold out online… i think :stuck_out_tongue:

Lucky… I wish I had a yomega bag.

We should make this into some awesome I spy game. I spy a yomega xodus.

lol … i spy a Dark majic… haha i cheated … cus i know its there

I spy like seven

Hey, he’s the guy who made a few how to yo-yo videos on YouTube! I’d recognize that wall any day.

you know me nivin we traded TAKE ME THERE!~

Jayvee - … yeah he is the guy … i am lucky i live so close to him lol

and Metal Man - … yeah just come to va :stuck_out_tongue:

if there pizza in va ill walk the whole way there

lol … DO IT !!! ;D

ill telaport if samad told me how >:( >:( >:(

take me there!!!
how much are they
are they cheap

… its in va… and what $ are you asking about?

I live in VA! Where is it?

i used to

when i was 2 i lived there

i was born there