ball bearing size

hi there…
is the ball bearing size is a standard or is it verious?
i have heavy wing by Yomega and would like to make it unresponsive
what kind of ball bearing and lube should i purchase in order to do so?
thank you

To make it unresponsive i would suggest cleaning the bearing and if you would like you can then add a tiny amount of thin lube, less than a drop. This is not needed, and you can use a variety of household lubricants such as brass valve oil, sewing machine oil, and i believe gun oil. There are good tutorials on cleaning your bearing in the maintenance section under the useful maintenance guides sticky. If these don’t make sense, there are many more on youtube

The Yomega HWW and most other yomegas of that vintage use a special size bearing not used by other companies. As noted, cleaning it is the best solution to make it unresponsive. If you have a hobby shop in your area you may be able to find a generic replacement, but it too will need to be cleaned. Otherwise if you have to order online you will pay a lot for shipping to where you live.

thank you for your answers :slight_smile:

so no special bearing, just tiny drop of thin lube… how about string? what brand? something good and durable

edit: if i will purchase ball bearing that it for unresponsive yoyo for my HW it will be ok?

kitty string is probably the most popular string that you can buy in bulk. It is relatively inexpensive and works well. I would suggest buying some kind of bulk string (one of the strings that comes in a 100 pack). Yoyoexpert has several options, kitty string being one of them, and if you search you can probably find reviews around the forum. In the end it all comes down to personal preference, so there is not a best string.

Frankly I wouldn’t spend the money on a new bearing for the HWW. A new bearing will probably not make it unresponsive. Cleaning it will. Keep in mind that that yoyo has a much narrower string gap than newer yoyos which are specifically designed for unresponsive play. Before I spent money on a bearing for that I’d seriously consider looking at what’s currently available for US $20-$30.

Bearings are agnostic. They are inherently neither responsive nor unresponsive. It’s all in how you prep them. A lubed bearing will be more responsive than a cleaned, dry bearing. That said, a small bit of lube is fine.