Balisong Trainers


Okay so I want to get into balisong flipping but don’t want to cut my hand off or empty my wallet. So which trainer should I get? I have heard mixed reviews on trainers in general so I am a bit confused.

(Zer0) #2

Any standard trainer will get you through the basics, if you want to do it at school you could grab a plastic one (never tried one) or you could grab basically any metal trainer. once you learn the basics (and I mean BASICS) cutting your hand is the least of your worries.


I had a spyderco trainer and it was pretty sweet!! It was a little undersized but it worked great :wink:


Whats the prise on that thing?


I think it was around 70 when i got it a while back. I know they dont make them anymore so im not sure how much they go for. They are definitely on the pricier side for a trainer though…


Is the bear and son silver vein trainer good? I have again heard mixed things about it.

(Zer0) #7

That’ll do. Infact I have a 15 dollar one lying around I bought off amazon. It does well for any beginner


How much is the Benchmade trainer? The website I found it on didn’t give a price but I get the feeling it is pretty pricey.


[answered my own question… sorry!]


I got a cheap generic all metal trainer a while back for like 5 bucks on Amazon. It did the job just fine and had a great weight to it. Also, I really enjoy playing with my Baliyo from time to time. It’s like a “butterfly pen” instead of a knife. It’s extremely light and you could develop bad habits from practicing without the indication of a blade, but it’s still a lot of fun.


I just went on ebay and got a cheap one there. Worked great for me. It was one that couldn’t be sharpened…I think it was twelve dollars or so. Just typed in butterfly knife when balisong didn’t do too well in the search.