Bad Chinese Food (With Tut)

(Chris Allen) #1

Bad Chinese Food (With Tut)

Loop rejection from Gap

And yes, I meant to say Chops Sticks instead of Chopsticks



(Chris Allen) #3

It is even better when you catch the loop instead of just picking it up, but the angle was bad on the shot that I did it so I cut it.

(SteveYoYos (Steven)) #4

That’s weird. When i do it my string doesn’t reject and when i pop it into a chopsticks i hate to move my arm cause of the loop around the axle. Bt my string won’t reject it. I have a 888 stock response system.

(Chris Allen) #5

Takes some Practice. But I have it on tape, so it’s real!

(Connor) #6

Thats awesome! :o :smiley:

(SteveYoYos (Steven)) #7

Still can’t do it. It won’t reject! Any advice, i would apreciate it.


~Steven :wink:

(Chris Allen) #8

Roll over like your going to do the robot (miss a Lindy Loop on the far side)
Pop back into a chopstick like formation
Slack throw hand
move fingers on non throwhand like your squeezing an Orange
move around a bit so the string is hitting the response area.

It takes some work, but I can hit it 98% of the time now, but it took a while to get the feel of it.