BAC 2010 - Your Picks and Why?

So we saw a couple trends:

1A There was a strong Jensen Kimmitt vs. Yuuki Spencer
2A There was Patrick Mitchell with some Grant Johnson
3A and 4A were strongly Paul Yath and Bryan Figueroa
5A Mostly Miguel Correa and Tyler Severance with some Sterling Quinn

So why did you pick who you did? Yuuki’s consistency? Jensen’s speed? Innovation? Miggy’s amazing performance and new tricks? Tyler using his new SEVERE? Grant Johnson being the one true up and coming new 2A player or Patrick Mitchell 2A National Champ with Loop 900?

Why do you think someone has the “Edge” on the competition today and why?

Remember be nice and respectful regarding the players - saying “they suck” is not positive addition to conversation.

If you are at BAC and have knowledge first hand watching someone do share!

What is BAC?

Bay area classic. A competition.

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I chose Jensen Kimmitt because of his countless and endless lists of past titles, and amazing tricks. His modern yoyoing videos were fast, smooth, and beast, too. His style is beast. While both he and Yuuki have done well at BAC in the past, I just had to go with Jensen.

Patrick Mitchell has won so many National titles it’s not even funny. Looping impresses me alot, I don’t even know how people do what they do in 2A, especially Pat.

I don’t really follow 3A all that well, it’s not something you hear about or see alot in the yoyoing world. But you can’t beat Paul Yath. You just can’t.

My friend does 4A, and it’s really cool, so I look at that stuff sometimes. When I went to Nationals I was blown away by Bryan Figueroa. His tricks… were so impressive. He can launch that thing like 20 ft. in the air and catch it! I have never seen 4a so perfected like that.

I chose Miguel because of his National title and performance. He’s one of the best 5a players I’ve ever seen, and a good director at that too.

Why did I pick who I did? Well, I picked for unrelated or random reasons. For 2a and 4a I picked the people who used music I liked better or who looked cooler. For 3a I chose who won last year. For 1a and 5a I realized that I don’t keep up with the pro players and even if I did there is a chance for an upset; so I gave each person a number then I used a random number generator to pick from them.

Jensen’s ability is undeniable. I honestly think if Yuuki decides that he really wants to win, he will. That said, I just want Jensen to win so he has the confidence to continue through to worlds and be a real contender for a world title.

Patrick Mitchell because he’s Patrick Mitchell.

Paul Yath because he’s the only one competing that I’ve actually seen their 3A.

Brian Figueroa because he’s the only one that I truly enjoy watching 4A.

The Miggy Miggs because it’s MIGGY! Same with Yuuki, if he wants to win – I think it’s all his.

I picked Yuuki because after seeing his nats fs and his new trick vid he seemed to have a strong advantage in smooth looking tricks over Jensen’s hop style. Yuuki also has great trick variety and speeds whereas Jensen always is seeming to go really fast

As for 5A I WANT Tyler to win but Miggy almost always does better than Tyler at comps

1A BAC Champ: Yuuki Spencer Because after worlds Last year he needs to get serious again.
2A BAC Champ: Patrick Mitchell Well like JM said because he’s Patrick Mitchell and Mitchell is my youngest sons name.
3A BAC Champ: Paul Yath Because Hank Freeman isn’t going to be there.If he is then I’m a loser. lol
4A BAC Champ: Bryan Figueroa He just is.
5A BAC Champ: Miguel Correa My friend Miggy is just too good and his style is out of this world!

1A BAC Champ: Yuuki Spencer Because his stle is awesome
2A BAC Champ: Patrick Mitchell because his name is parick and my cousinns name is patrick
3A BAC Champ: Paul Yath (he is the ony 3a payer i know)
4A BAC Champ: Bryan Figueroa because hes reping the fiesta( just orderd 1)
5A BAC Champ: Miguel Correa because he tought me cunterweight!

Yuuki Spencer because he’s fast. And he has a mustache.

Patrick Mitchell because he’s a prodigy and he’s fast too.

Paul Yath because he’s awesome.

Brian Figueroa because I saw him today and I thought he had an accent… And his whips are super.

Miguel Correa because he gave me an autograph and his style is amazing.

who won the guessing contest?

Jensen for 1A - He’s been really working for it, I’ve been talking to him and I know he wants it. He’s just GOTTA do it. If you heard Yuuki talking about the comp before he wasn’t quite sure what he was going to do. I don’t think Yuuki cares enough about it.

Pat Mitchell for 2A - I’m sorry Grant Johnson, I’m really happy and Imma let you finish but Patrick Mitchell is the best 2A player of this BAC. Plus I’m pretty sure he was ballin it up with the Loop 900s.

Paul Yath for 3A - There’s not a lot of competition for him, his tricks are solid.

Bryan for 4A - He’s just been going for it he just amazes me with his offstring play.

Miggy for 5A - I’m sorry I want Tyler to win but Miggy is the GODFATHER of 5a, he’s gonna get it just cause he’s got the skills to pay the bills.

I said Kentaro instead of Paul Yath for 3a because I was talking to Paul at a DXL meet and he said he wasn’t competing and was gonna be busy selling he Cucial yoyos at his booth! Ha! :smiley:

Yuuki for 1a because he is the best, imo. He won Nats and Worlds. So, if he competes, I have little doubt he’ll loose.

Grant for 2a cause I have seen him in person and he is one great 2a’er. He won world’s, and I think he will win!

Brian for 4a cause I have seen him throw in person and… WOW! Best 4a’er I have seen. I hope he wins!

5a Miguel, cause he just seems really good lol! :smiley:

~James Reed!

1A BAC Champ: Jensen Kimmit - I’ve seen alot of sick players but jensen by far has to be one of the best 1a players out there and his tricks and combos are just too legit and cool to say he isnt worthy of the win, plus he seems to always have fun when he competes and when you watch the guy he keeps a smile on his face for a bit of his freestyles. Plus with his track record i couldnt say no to him winning this year
2A BAC Champ: Patrick Mitchell - He’s Patrick Mitchell first off…and whenever i watch him do any sort of yoyoing it’s always fun and full of cool looking tricks and he’s got a ton of energy so it’s entertaining to watch pat do his thing.
3A BAC Champ: Josh Yee - Josh is just too good sometimes and always seems to be improving and i see the guy placing high in any competition he does. he’s just that cool too :stuck_out_tongue:
4A BAC Champ: Brian Figueroa - brian is the only 4a player i see that really entertains me and has a ton of skill to go with that.
5A BAC Champ: Augie Fash - i kind of think augie is just getting better and better at 5a and is really putting some cool looking tricks together to put a sick and overall entertaining freestyle into the competitions.

Yuuki because of his determination and speed and just plain goofiness that gets the crowd going.

Patrick because of his strength and Flawless tricks that go around the whole body.

Paul Yath because he’s the only 3A player I know there besides Josh.

Brian because he really worked hard for it.

Sterling because he’s the underdog and nobody expects him until he surprises.