B/S/T:CLYW,YYF,YYJ, and Adegle

If you going to buy remember only cash.
Looking for:
Clyw(BvM wolverine ed or iron manMOSTLY BASSOLOPE)
One drop(Code 1 or Code 2)

I have:
CLYW Campfire
Looking for 70 for this yoyo or trade
How about a 100 cause bought it for 122 or a
Adegle PSG
10 bucks or trade
YYF Whip
4 buck or trade because no response or bearing
15 for this or trade.

I also have a regular version xbox with all my games if you want it for mostly yoyos.
If your going to buy this how about 150 bucks.
Remember once again only cash.

I PMed you about that whip. I hope its green and still in good condition.