Axle Removal 2 :( Still doesn't WORK


Okay, so I was trying Samad’s way (using two nuts) and from what I understand, you get both nuts on, then keep on screwing it in towards the hub and screw the axle out right? I tried it and stripped the nuts… :stuck_out_tongue:

(Or are you saying just to unscrew the nuts? Not really sure…)

Oh, and I’m leaving tomorrow and want to bring my DM, not my other ones, so I need help quick! :-[ :-[ :stuck_out_tongue:


You put them on about halfway down the axle. Tighten them against each other and the grab both of them at once with the pliers and twist.


Twist which way?


Lefty loosy

Righty tighty

counter clockwise.


I’m back! Didn’t bring my yoyo… but… I don’t understand, when I twist left with the nuts, they just screw off…


Tighten them against each other more.


So I tighten them Clockwise, then untighten counter clock wise? The nuts go with each other and both screw off… I screwed it until I couldn’t. :stuck_out_tongue: