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Hello all this is my first post so i hope i put it in the right spot. I have an axl elite and it seems to be really umm catchy any type of string trick I try it shoots up and bashes my knuckels. What can I do to stop this.

Clean the bearing out. You might need to watch some videos on how to do this. I recommend acetone. It will involve removing the shields. If you choose to lube, do so very lightly using the pin drop method. I would recommend going try on this one.

Try that first.

In general, and I know this isn’t what you want to hear, I’d recommend something else. Even a Duncan ProZ with a clean bearing is gonna be better than this in my opinion, or even a FreeHand2 or Freakhand or even a Metal Drifter.

Thank you very much for the quick reply. I used to throw in the 90’s and though if i could get the yoyo i had then i would be happy. Well turns out I had a axl not axl elite and I really hate this throw. I read a lot on here and other websites and decided to order a speedaholic hope I’m happy with it

You should love the Speedaholic a lot.

The past 2 years, there’s been a good amount of really high quality yet super affordable yoyos in both plastic and metal. The Speedaholic is easily one of those. The Shutter is probably one of the best new metals to hit the market and being $45 makes it all the more amazing that it sells for so cheap. But back to the Speedaholic, I think it’s probably one of the best all plastics on the market.

Keep in mind that the speedaholic is an unresponsive throw so you will need to learn how to bind or layer the string on the bearing

Not a problem sparhawk already learned how to bind…but thank you for the heads up

Well got my speedaholic in and its great…but its showing me that I stink at non responsive yoyos…almost making me want to stop throwing again

That’s OK. By Monday you’ll be over it.

Not sure what you mean by that studio42?

He just means it in a good-natured way: land a few tricks, get the hang of unresponsive, and by Monday you’ll probably be hooked!

My $0.02 is that yoyo is a hobby that benefits from a patient approach. You can have exciting bursts of learning new skills, but you can also simply enjoy the pleasures of things like landing a trapeze. I remember when I first started re-learning I would just land a trapeze over and over.

If you’re just trying to make stuff up and are falling into old habits like trying to “loop out”, you might want to learn a few of the standard tricks first. Some good tutorials in the “Learn” section of this site, and many many tutorials out there in the wild, too.


Well turns out I can land a lot of tricks with my new throw…I just can’t figure out how to bind out of trapezee

I find that pinching the string using my middle finger while still in trapeze and then swinging the yoyo around will allow for an easy bind

Turn sideways and do a front bind until you decide to learn a proper trapeze bind. In a trapeze, the loop is on the wrong “side” for a proper bind, and a lot of beginners don’t quite get that concept. The spin direction is wrong for a proper bind.

Dismount from the trapeze, turn the direction of your throwhand (turn right if you’re a righty), and do a front-style bind. There’s no need to rush into all the binds in the world as long as you can get the yoyo back to your hand and avoid having to hand-wind the yoyo.

On that note, learn to snap-start or do some other sort of “start from dead” technique ASAP. Hand-winding is for the birds.

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And that’s why someone becomes a forum eXpert.

Thanks much GregP. Perfect post.

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Thank you all so much… I will have plenty more questions, so far the people on this forum are the nicest I have every seen

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