Axis Salti?


Anyone play with this yoyo? Thoughts?


One of the best yoyos I have ever played the shape is super comfortable. I love mine

(InvaderDust) #3

Does yours vibe? I heard alot of SalTis vibed…


I got one. Very stable good for tech but not speed or horizontals. Mine is smooth.


I agree on horizontal, but i find it’s actually quite good for speed


I do not have… I wanted to take but what held me back was the construction of the bearing housing … in my opinion liable to make many serious problems.


Problems like?


the pad that separates the inner ring of the bearing from the walls of the housing seat, is infinitely thin …it’s enough a bearing with a minor tolerance that is extracted with difficulty (which is very common) to dent that little relief at that point if the bearing will touch the wall will be blocked and will not be able to rotate its outer ring … making unusable the yoyo