Average diameter of a fingerspin dimple?

So, I’ve been thinking to implement a fingerspin dimple to my yoyo design, but I just can’t get the proper dimensions for the dimple itself. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
Thanks in advance.


Do you have any calipers? You can measure a yoyo you have, or your finger, or a circle on a sheet of paper.

I measured a bunch a while ago and the only one I can remember is the iYOYO dimple on the iCEBERG. I think it was 12mm in diameter and it has a shallow convex indent that’s about 3mm deep. It’s very good at centering.

The Diffraction has a flat fingerspin cup that is about 12.5mm in diameter and 1mm deep. It orbits a bit but the finger doesn’t escape.


If I can find my calipers, I can probably measure a few dimples for you. I’ll update when I get a chance.

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Finally found my calipers and remembered to do this. MarkDs iCEBERG numbers were pretty spot on. I measured a couple dimples, and they all seem to be about 12-13mm in diameter and 3-3.5mm deep.