The Last Airbender.

Talk about it.

It’s sooo good! Who’s excited for the newest Korra to come out?

Korra can’t answer the questions I still have for Avatar, but I love both

Dude, ATLA’s the best. So psyched for Book 2 of TLOK. Woop Woop.

Avatar is so good.

Korra had some stupid love triangle crap and other meaningless stuff going on in it but whatever it’s a nickelodeon cartoon.

Yeah, that’s some weird stuff…

I still love the Original series so much better. :stuck_out_tongue:

What’s your favorite episode? My favorite is the one with Zuko and Aang learning the real meaning of fire bending… Such a good one. :smiley:

I am a massive fan of TLA. I’ve seen every episode at least four times. Some of my favorite episodes include tales of ba sing se, and zuko alone.

Such great character development.

I really like tla. I jus haven’t really gotten into korra. My favorite episode is probably where aang starts learning fire and he accendently burns katara. I think that really seems to change the way aang sees fire

Poor cabbage dude!

lol. remind me of the “ow my leg” guy from spongebob.

the series is great tho. i didnt watch it until just a few month ago. i couldnt stop once i started either. one of the best series i’ve watched. i think my favourite episode is the one where zuko and sokka went to the fire nation prison. or the one where they see the play in the fire nation and Toph is a big burly dude. so great.

Aang was a girl in the play:P

I’ve always loved this series. Just pure awesome, and funny.
Sparky sparky boom man!

Who is Sparky sparky boom man?

Such a good show! Haven’t really watched Korra ,but I loved watching that show.


You’re all dead to me…

This show is one of my all time favorites. Kora was pretty good, but they can never remake the awesome feeling you get from watching the original gang. I think my fav episode was the last one, it had a lot of awesome fights. Are there any rumors as to when the next book of Kora will come out?

All I know is that it’s sometime this year…

Cool, is it on nick or nicktoons network? Because I don’t get nicktoons.

It’s on Nick. Nicktoons just shows reruns of stuff…