Avalanche Bearing

While I wasn’t looking my little brother decided to put his silly putty into my Avalanche where a cap would go. Then he threw and the silly putty, spinning fast from the force, adapted to the shape then some came undone and started whipping around the bearing. I caught him after I heard the whipping sound and took the silly putty off the bearing. I tested to see if the bearing still spun freely, but it didn’t! I lubed the bearing but still it didn’t sound right. Should I clean the bearing? If so what should I use? Anything else?

Thanks. I’d appreciate it. :frowning:

Try cleaning it with lighter fluid or mineral spirits. Take the shields off and put it in a jar with the stuff for a couple minutes. Then pull it out and spin it a couple times. Then take compressed air and blow the bearing with it. Finally put a dab of lube and try the bearing. If it doesn’t work after that you may need a new one. I’m pretty sure they come with center trac bearings

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If you have to ask if it’s too hard, it probably is. :wink:

there’s info on how to do it HERE

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Yup ;), but I do have one thing. After you DE-shield the bearing look inside for Putty small rocks ect if it’s clean and you see nothing then putty might have gotten onto the top of the balls causing them to slow down. If you find nothing then you probably need to replace. Hope This Helps! :wink:

How do you deshield?