Austin Tx Meet Up/ Club Formation 2015

Hello my fellow throwers!

Im a lonely Yo-Yo’er who is tired of constantly throwing around my non-throwist friends. I KNOW there has got to be a couple us that live in Austin and surrounding areas and I think its time to come out of the shadows and throw together! I can do all the planning, i just need a rough idea if there is anyone out there and how many.

I really like the idea of throwing a BBQ and just chilling out. Beer is on me if this becomes a thing!

I want to have the first meetup be later this month (jan 2015)

So if you see this on the internet please send an email to : and lets get this show on the road!

If you’ve got a day to kill there is a club in the DFW area. Might be a good road trip now and then.

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Bumping the thread. Any one from ATX?

look for the Texas state contest thread, ill be organizing the contest in Austin for spring :slight_smile:

I second this! :wink:

I’m in ATX as well as a couple of other guys I met at the state competition last month (hope you didn’t miss that). Check out the thread posted by Benjamin Sullivan. All you have to do is search Austin and it’s one of the first threads. Hope you can join!

From San Antonio right here, but I always hit up Austin.
Did the club ever form?

Find the thread posted by Benjamin Sullivan.