August 2012-Stick It. Click It. Send it. Win!


Eye Doctor: “OK cover your left eye, do you see anything”?

s1mp13m4n: “nope”
Eye Doctor: “Now cover the other eye, what do you see now”?

s1mp13m4n: “Not a #)&% thing”
Eye Doctor: “alright, that will be $500 and that sticker since it did not help you see anything”

Those who know me on the forum know I am blind, thus the joke. :slight_smile:


Inspired to jewel…


The sticker is hanging out with all my other ones on my laptop. ;D

This is my first entry in one of these contests, so please be nice. (:

Though laptop entries seem kind of unoriginal, I thought my collage of yoyo decals would make up for it.
YYE has its own special place too.

Yoyoexpert, With The Hundreds And Mishka !

it’s cool, but your jewels aren’t aligned precisely…

I didn’t notice it before you said that, but I still can’t tell anyway

Check out my pics…


balancing the votes in the poll :3

Pikachu! use yoyo attack!

converse and yoyos :o

Drill press. Why not?

Also, when are the results of July coming out?

Oh, yeah. I believe it’s an antique.


Trying to learn, need some mothers.

Attached is photo to enter the Stick It, Click It, Send It.
From Papa Yo

Winner will be announced next week.

Thank you to all the wonderful entries. Keep them coming for September!!!

We really apologize for announcing July winners a month late.
Because of this we are going to name the TWO winners who got the most Thank You instead of just one.  So three winners total for July and August.  So without further delay: the winners have been chosen for August!!!

The first person with the most “Thank You” from the forum members was WarGirl for sticker in the hat:,46626.msg452971.html#msg452971
The second was s1mp13m4n with his Eye Doctor picture.  :wink:,46626.msg455309.html#msg455309

And the YoYoExpert staff’s pick for July was I6ify for their ‘clever’ YoYoExpert van stick it (though we can’t recommend this one for future winners!),46626.msg449932.html#msg449932

We are contacting you with your gift certificate codes via Private Message.

Congratulations and thanks to all who submitted a picture.  Keep sharing pictures in the September thread for your chance to win!