Okay, so i have worked out everything with my team and stuff so we are going to have a big talk about some of the details in the chat tommarow around 2pm Eastern time.We will be talking about perks off being on the team.Make a big video of all the team members and who can edit the best, Siggnatures,Individual video making,And alot more.So here are the people im expecting to be there:
Yo!It’sMatt(if he decides to still be on my team)

That’s the most inconvenient time of day. 2 o’clock on a Sunday. sick planning skills… haha make it like 7-8 ish

Um im wont be here that time okay lets make it 4.

ill prob be with friends at 4 any other time? like morn or night?

The time is 4 pm in the chat east time

ughhh well ill try my best to come but im not dropping all of my plans to go into a team meeting. sorry. What if i missed could u fill me in txt or fbc?

ill let you know what happened

ight thnx. ill try to make it.

Wouldn’t it of been best to just send a few PMs instead of putting it here?

Um wouldnt it be better to send me a pm instead of posting here! PWNED.Just kidding but dude its my choice to post it here and its fine this way becasue if people not on the team can ask about stuff.

With a title like “ATTETION ALL TEAM SUICIDE STRING MEMBERS” youd think it would… be only intended for members.

pwnd? :slight_smile:

It is inttened for them but anyone is allowed to read it

Okay, I just don’t see why we all need to see when you are chatting.

whateva whateva :slight_smile:

Its so they know to come at that time but im cancleing it becuase i wont be here guys you can still meet but i wont be there

You can send PMs to more than 1 person at a time :wink:

Pwned. :slight_smile:

i talked to matt and he said he wasnt on your team he said he’ll tell you so you should edit his name out on the 1st page.