Attaching and order form to my thread???

Whats up everybody?

I’m ready to start taking orders again for blast, powder and the like. I want to attach an order form to the first page of my thread. Right now I have used Microsoft Word to make a form and it’s in my documents waiting for further instructions.

What needs to be done so a potential customer can click a link on my first page and print the form?

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Save is as a downloadable PDF file, and that should do the trick. :slight_smile:

I gotta get something powder coated when I get the chance…

Now when putting the pdf file into a link whats the procedure?

What is going to be on this order form? Do you want people to print it off the computer and ship it to you with what they want done? Or do you want them to put the information in each box online then email it to you.

You can make it a PDF file, then load it like you would a picture for people to print off, or save as and can insert what they need using adobe.

What exactly do you need it for?

I’d like to have a link that would open to the form when clicked.

Print the form fill it out send with throw. Its a basic form with information pertinent to the throw and owner. You’d be surprised how many people put their real name on a box and send it off. No offense I don’t know everyone by name. Then I have to track them down through all ybe PM’s I received.

It will just keep things a bit cleaner for me.

I saved the form as a PDF and was prompted to publish it. Now I have that file in my documents but I’m unsure how to make it a link.

The best way to do it honestly, is saving is as a picture, then people can just add over the top of it and email/ship with the yoyo.

It would work if you go into adobe and as a pfd make it locked to just be able to type into the boxes and email from there, but more and more people are using Mac, as well as you not having adobe pro.

Best suggestion is to save it as a picture and let people add it what is needed.

I want to hear other peoples thought on this, people that are a little more computer savy than me…

Ever think about having your own website for your PC service? Pretty cheap a yearly with a domain and you can solve your problem here…

Just doing a website.


You can attach a pdf file the same as you attach a pic using the Additional Options… link.

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