Atmos Projects present: The Fruitloop

Are those RSO teal pads? Has the gift of color enlightened us with the knowledge of this being a D bearing yoyo? I’m excited.


Not quite :slight_smile: These guys are fitted with C bearings, but perhaps a future iteration!

Some updates on pads and other parts soon, though!


A d-bearing delrin throw !!! Wow I’m excited :grin:

C bearing*! My bad, a typo.

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No problem :sweat_smile: both C/D bearings sound like they would be pretty cool with a delrin throw !!!

Hey everyone!

Here’s an exciting new update on kit we’ll be using in our releases beginning August, and are also now available as part of our lineup.

Kitty String First Class, Type I Concave Bearings, and Stratos Pads

Read more about our Supply Packs, the rest of our equipment lineup, and a tease for an upcoming release at our blog, here.