First vid. Comments welcome. If it looks like I’m messing up it’s because I am.


Nice vid! Nice Mau5 shirt too! I wanted to meet you at Ma States. Too bad. Next contest.


I think you did man…I talked with Locust a bunch…


Are you going to the Eli Hops for Hope yoyo battle? I’m planning on going. i might have met you at MA states and not have realized it.


Same. And yes I am going to the Eli Hops for Hope thingy.


Alright, see you there!


sick video man, you should try 5A.


Lol I suck at 5a. two different beasts.


yeah i couldnt get into that…


Keep in mind this is a first attempt. I know now that I need to be closer to the camera, and work on my skills.

(M.DeV1) #11

Aw man I remember watching the astrojax commercials from when I was like 8!


I got my first set when i was like 10 or 11. loved them ever since.

(M.DeV1) #13

I have never thrown a single Jax but I have always wanted to.


sucking at 5A, is the first step to be really good at 5A.


i have like three or four sets…


now i need to get better at 5a just to show you…


Nice job man! You should watch my friend’s astrojax videos. They are awesome! Tell me if you want the link.


I have some astro jax. I may need to find them. Would you be interested in some free astro jax?

(M.DeV1) #19

If soviet dosen’t want them I wouldn’t mind taking them off your hands.


he said he has 4 sets of them. I’m shipping a yoyo soon , so if you PM me your address ill ship it then.