Asteroid Response

I recently got an Adegle Asteroid for Christmas. On the first throw I could tell something ws up. After further research and playI concluded that the probem was with the response. SO what I am asing you right now is if you switched up the response would it bind tighter and play better?

I bet you could get more grip with a flush sili job, but to be honest I don’t have any problem with my Asteroid. It is a bit slippy but I’ve been using stock response since Easter when I bought it.

Mine is fine. When it comes time to replace the response, I’ll use flowable silicone.

19mm sili pad response works just fine as well if you prefer to go that way

Ir pads. That is all u need mah friend

If you dont feel like spending 4 dollars plus shipping, swithch one side with a worn in response or silicone.
the response is long to break in, but after hours of play it’s fine.