Is an asteroid worth more or less then a YYJ BigBen (play wise, not price wise)


I cant say anything about the big ben. But i owned an asteroid and it plays pretty fast and smooth for a plastic.

They are VERY different beasts. I like both for their own reasons.

Shape wise - Asteroid = wide w/ a small-ER diameter (compared to big-ben)
while Big Ben = Wide with a huge flare leading to a bigger diameter.

They both play decently light on the string as far as how they “feel” while doing combos…

The Big Ben is also a great Tech OS throw… so it has that going for it…

The Asteroid is great.

Which is better in your opinion though?

Never played the Big Ben, but I think you should go for the Asteroid. It is crazy good for the price. You’ll be wowed at how well a non YYJ performs :wink:

Actually, I have an Asteroid and I don’t like it. I’m trading it MIB for a Higby BigBen but the guy that has the BigBen doesn’t think that its worth it.

If it is a Higby that is a GREAT trade, even if you don’t like the Big Ben, it can’t hurt.

he doesn’t think the bigben is worth the asteroid, or that the asteroid isn’t worth the bigben?

I want the Big Ben. I do t like the Asteroid at all it way too light even for a plastic.

he thinks the Big Ben is better than the Asteroid. I called off the trade cuz this guy clearly didn’t want to trade.

I would agree with him. The big ben already retails for more than an asteroid, and it being a higby big ben just makes it that much more. iirc, they retailed somewhere around 30.