Asteria Yoyos' Competition Bimetal Design - the Star Trail (Now available for pre-orders!)

BTW u like iYoYo? Really reminds me most of their designs.

I do like their H shapes! This yoyo design was inspired by a few other yoyo brands though!


Cool looking forward playing you throw. Love me a good H

any idea of how much these protos would cost?

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@Matcha this looks absolutely amazing. Count me in when you decide to do a production run! Can’t wait to see more of this in action : )

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I’ve said it privately on discord but I’m very impressed with your attention to detail with this yoyo. I can’t wait to snag one when you’re ready to make more!


Any update on release?


The purple/violet looks super clean. Signed up for it!


Currently I’m working on the third fancier speckles colorway. After I confirm with the machine shop that everything works out, production will start and it will take around one month from now! :slight_smile:


these are complete :fire: :fire: :fire: :fire: :fire: :fire: :fire:


Stars all over yoyo would be sick but count me in


You will absolutely love their latest renders for the speckle colorway then :slight_smile: I’ll leave them for @matcha to share, they’re also in the r/throwers discord.

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Glad you liked it!

Here are the renders!


@Matcha posted some photos on the r/throwers discord:

Looking like an October release?


Beautiful yoyo!


Looking good :slight_smile:

Ordered one early cause i’m cool. This is a really unique and smooth playing yoyo and makes me think 58mm diameter needs to be explored more.


I think I’m getting one


Hello everyone! It has been a year since my last release, the Night Sky. I’ve made a lot of yoyo designs privately throughout this time, but not a lot of designs motivated me enough to produce. I wanted to create more monometal yoyos, but I also wanted to do something more different to the Night Sky. Therefore, after many designs, I’ve created the Star Trail!

Design -

In order to create a high-performance competition bimetal yoyo, there has to be a trade-off in design complexity. This is because the aluminum body can’t be as complex or fancy as other less performance-oriented yoyos (due to having to minimize the wall thickness and the weight of the aluminum). Therefore, with the Star Trail, I’ve opted to pay more attention to the small details. For example, how the aluminum body and the stainless steel ring are aligned. There’s a small curve wherever those two meet, which embraces that the two materials are in fact distinct, rather than trying to merge them together.

Instead of having the SS ring fit from the outside of the yoyo to the inside, this yoyo does the reverse. Having the SS ring pressed from the inside of the yoyo eliminates the need for an overhang on the SS ring. This allows the majority of the SS to be at the outermost diameter of the yoyo to maximize its rimweight. This also allows the thickness of the AL and SS to look visibly balanced from the cup view of the yoyo. Furthermore, this yoyo does not have any harsh edges, so it’s very comfortable to catch.

How it plays -

I’ve learned a lot from my Night Sky design, and this yoyo tries to improve upon the Night Sky’s raw performance. By having a smaller diameter than the Night Sky, it allows the yoyo to be a bit more responsive to hand motions. I’ve improved the response system as well, since a yoyo with higher inertia requires a tighter response due to the decreased RPM. With that, the Star Trail is a yoyo that doesn’t limit your abilities!

When you throw the Star Trail, you will feel all the rimweight unroll on the end of the string (due to its min-maxed nature), which may feel a bit heavy at first. However, once it has been unwound, the Star Trail feels faster and more responsive to your hand movements than the Night Sky.

Pre-orders will be available in the upcoming weeks. Pre-orders will allow you to choose between having the default Star Trail engraving, no engraving, or maybe something else!

I really put all my heart into designing this — I hope that y’all will enjoy the Star Trail! ^-^ Price will be about $99~ USD and will be machined by FPM. If you have any questions, feel free to comment below or send me a dm!


7068 Al + SS Rings
63 g
56.5 mm diameter
45 mm width
4.46 mm gap + minor bearing wall bump


Asteria yoyos also has a discord! Join matcha and other awesome community members at


Hi! Just a small update, they are now available for pre-orders! ^^