Assistance with advanced 2A tricks

Okay so not so advanced, I am actually still attempting hop the fence (Milk the cow one hand) and I can’t seem to perform more than 2 without it spinning out of control or having it tilt to the side. I tried watching Andre’s tutorials but I don’t understand what he means by throwing it “at an angle”.

Could anyone help me? When performing this trick are the yoyos supposed to always come straight down and straight back? or does it slightly turn every hop? how much force do you put into the throw cause it sounds like Andre uses a lot of force in his tutorials.

Also, what is the string recommendation for looping yoyos. When I bought the loop900s it only said “No polyester” but then should we be using 50/50 or straight cotton? technically 50/50 is still polyester isnt it? ???

you can use whatever string you want. I used to use poly, but I switched to 50/50 and noticed it works better.
you put as much force into the throw as you do a normal throw. basically you’re just throwing a sleeper, bringing it back up, and throwing it again before you catch it. It’s just like a regen in 1a, if you’ve done those.
it’s tilting to the side/spinning out of control because your timing is off. Just keep practicing, trying to get as many in a row as you can. when you get some in a row, try to take note of the timing you used, and keep that constant.