Asian pop Goofy Hop Tutorial Requested by YoRED

hey here ya go buddy, and for anyone else too I guess lol

Ooowww! Heck yeah man! Im at my buddy’s house tonight but I can assure you, I will be adding this trick to my arsenal upon entry to my domain! Hahaa. Im gunna make a video soon man, I’ve been playing around with some different things. And this trick will be just what I need. I think you’ve been progressing very well in the throwing of the yo! Keep that :poop: up! -YoRed

Very nice man! Learning this right now

I am glad to help! If anyone sees anything I put up and wants a Tut Ill be more than happy to help

Im Sammy Harper and I approve this message.

Awesome! By the way, I think Goofy Hop is actually called Pitch and Catch. I love that trick!

The Goofy Hop is actually called Air Stalls. Tyler is doing them behind the arm here, but it’s the same concept.

i personally will be continuing to call them “goofy hops” due to that just bring a legit name.