Around Des Moines - a new video by Adam Brewster - plus a bonus!


shot by Bryce Benton.

I’m using the Adam Brewster edition Arctic Circle as well as a Blizzard edition H5 x Chief.

Hope you like the videos.

two of my favorite tricks (as of right now) are in this!

Also, in case you weren’t there, my winning 1A freestyle from the 2012 Iowa State Contest is up now too!

(both vids shot by Bryce Benton aka Yodaguy5)

(Q) #2

Adam, why have we not hung out yet?


Great stuff, Adam! Thanks for sharing. I like your yellow toque. Oh, and your skills.


yep, dat be Des Moines alright, half the time completely in the dark.

(Well that was mean. I live here too.)


I really like your style, smooth and connected. Awesome videos!


Thanks for all the kind words guys!

Also, if you want to hang out, I’m down. My schedule is pretty wild right now, but esp after the new year, things should be calming down a bit…

(Khent G) #7

Such an amazing style. One of my fav lefty throwers!


Just beautiful. It’s not a word I commonly associate with this activity, but you seem to evoke it quite often.

I don’t know of any other player right now who throws with as much grace.

Please keep it up,