Yo! New video out. Played with some different editing basics to give it a different feel.

Also… The band used in the video (Pilgrim) has their whole album available for free download at noisetrade. Check em out.


Edit: cleared up some typos. Originally posted this on my phone. Oops!




I am usually a fan of your tricks/videos,'but I didn’t like this one as much. The yoyo moving out of the frame/being out of focus was really distracting.

But I’m sure the tricks were still awesome.:smile:


Thanks for the feedback.

A lot of the shots had certain parts cut off as a way of manually emphasizing only the best parts of the tricks. There is a time for more of what Id call trick catalogue style videos… But this one (Much like the Equinox video from last year: )

are more for the visuals of the movements.

But I do like catalogue style videos too, and if people generally like those more, I’ll keep that in mind for future videos. Thanks!


This was really good! I liked the style of the editing/filming you did in it.


So good. Great tricks. I really liked the editing. A great, really relaxed video.


Well cool. Glad people dig it. Thanks for the feedback. I really do take this stuff into consideration!


I always enjoy your vids Adam. They typically have an artistic/indie feel to them which i greatly appreciate. I am always left wanting MORE. The space between your releases are sometimes agonizing lol. Great tricks & editing as always :wink:


Awesome stuff!! I like to see other fellow lefty yoyoers like me!


Thanks! I’m actually working on my biggest project yet… But it’ll probably be about a month before its done.

In all seriousness though I’m pretty excited. Theoretically this is just a taste test…


Edit: i quoted wrong. Yikes

Ahhh yeahh !!! Thats what I like to hear man… Can’t wait :wink:


my eyes hurt

(Jei Cheetah) #13

Learn to actually contribute and not be a jerk maybe?

I really liked this. Very visually appealing and the cinematographer in me is full of joy in the level of artistic expression.

Of course, loved the tricks as always. Absolutely awesome flow.

Loved it.




sorry I wasn’t trying to be a jerk :-[

I just found the camera focusing in and out fatiguing to my eyes

My eyes suck so don’t take it personally


Adam, what State do you live in?

Awesome scenery around you


I’m in Iowa these days. Usually living and working in the center at Des Moines.