Are You Ready to be INSPIRED? (YoyoJam Yoyo Leak)

Yes, I will be getting a new yo-yo soon called INSPIRE. More pictures of the yo-yo are to come, along with an official website. For now, just remember to live, laugh, love, and INSPIRE.

  • John Narum, Team YoyoJam

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Specs? Price? Need the info.

It’ll all be coming very later this week… :slight_smile:

Does it have a low wall?


I want to see pictures so badly!

Sounds nice. Can’t wait to try one out!

Looks very good! Btw I loved your performance at the MN yoyo contest!

Bam, another picture.

It was on John’s blog. :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s later in the week. Pay up. :slight_smile:

Pics and specs

Yessssssssssssss!!! Yoyojam is finally going low wall.

I know right?

Aren’t Spinfaktor X, Vexed, & X-Con Pro all low-walled?


Aren’t most their most recent yoyos are?

Ah, but the Cerberus, Vigilant and C-force aren’t.